Holiline Reminder

Holiline Reminder

Adds reminders and notifications to the calendar
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Keep track of important dates and deadlines by placing a reminder banner that will stay at the top or bottom of the screen. The interface of the utility supports several categories such as birthdays or anniversaries and shows the days remaining. Startup and Quick Launch integration is possible.

Holiline Reminder is both an event reminder and a calendar.
You shouldn’t have any difficulties with understanding and using the program. It doesn’t have the main interface; instead, it provides a line of scrolling text over the taskbar. But if you right click on this line, you can adjust the actual settings of the application.

The program allows you to fill in information related to different types of events. The classic appearance of the written message announcing an event can be supplemented with a photo or a comment. Moreover, the message can be set to appear with a certain number of days before the event's occurrence (this feature might be useful if you want to buy a gift for instance). What's more, you can add information about birthdays, planned holidays or any other occasions that need to be remembered. In addition, the app lets you both export and import the information. And if you want to find something within the database, the search function is of great help.

The notifications can be placed over the taskbar, at the top or at the bottom of the desktop. You can also select the font, the color, or the speed of running messages in the scrolling line.

The program is well-structured and nice. The developer tried to create a useful tool, enabling the users to request new features. Personally I would say that it is uncomfortable with a scrolling line placed over the taskbar or at the top of the desktop to access what’s behind that line; you need to close the application every time and open it over and over again. I believe that an option for automatic reopening at a given time interval would be helpful. Even so, I still think you should try this program because it doesn't let you forget important events.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Easy to use
  • Displays text comments and photos
  • Search function


  • Can't see what's behind the line of scrolling text
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